Thursday, January 26, 2012

I miss my NPR but at least I have Fleet Foxes

It's been a couple of weeks that my car radio reception has been decidedly less than optimal. And now, every morning when I get on the Northway (the highway between home and school) my radio goes completely fuzzy and the only station I can get is a religious Christian radio station, which is seriously not my cup of tea. So the nice people at my auto dealer are ordering a part (an antenna amplifier?) and in another week I should be back listening to the friendly voices on North Country Public Radio. Yeah!

I've been bringing CD's to keep me company in the car (my drive is 1/2 hour) - the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons are my latest favorites - but they aren't the friendly voices of my friends at NCPR. Anyhow, the Avett Brothers are great to sing along with but they weren't in my car tonight, and Mumford and Sons are pretty angry and not what I needed to keep myself calm in bad driving conditions.

I had left work in the dark, after it had started snowing and sleeting and I needed music that would keep me relaxed on my lonely highway, especially for the moments when big trucks would fly by me splattering my windshield with wet snow and freezing rain. My music of choice: The Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues. Lush, layered, and lovely, the Foxes engaged me and lifted my spririts all the way to my cozy house.


  1. I'll bet you were happy to walk in your front door and put your feet up after all of that!!

  2. Have you tried the Civil Wars? They're wonderful...

  3. Never heard of them but I'll take a look. Most of my music comes to me from my son, who knows my taste.