Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kindergarten snowpeople!

Last week, kindergarteners tore and glued white tissue paper on blue paper, using starch, to create a blizzard. Yesterday they painted a snowperson over the tissue paper, using a brush for white and cotton swabs for the colored details. The one in the middle above was painted by a little girl who proudly told me her snowgirl had hair. Which is fine, but is that a giant button on it's lower snowball? Or is there something here that should worry me?

Here's all of them.

We finished them yesterday, and it snowed today!


  1. Hoping that isn't "hair" also! ha ha I have one snow person by K that has me a bit scared looks like an evil demon screaming!

  2. I'm thinking she has an older brother with a powerful arm that threw it through her snowman...past experience talking here.
    I had a parent donate 8 quarts of liquid starch and was just looking at it wondering what to do THANKS

  3. I always get excited when you have a new post:) Never saw the tissue paper like this! Looks great!

  4. @ Mr. E and Jody - the artist doesn't have any brothers, and also has an art teacher for a mom, who happens to have been my student teacher! Another snowman with something strange on the bottom (middle of the bottom row in the bulletin board photo)third turned out to be, in the words of the young artist, "a button with a scarf tied on it".

    @ Erica - I've used tissue paper & starch many times before, but always colors on a white paper. But I had a TON of white tissue, left over from a time when I got excited about Eric Carle. I had attended a workshop for teachers at the Eric Carle Museum in Massachusetts, and was excited about painting tissue paper. But I discovered painting tissue paper with a bunch of kids is no picnic, and figuring out how to dry it is even worse. The results were spectacular but I NEVER want to do it again. So I either open up a wrapping paper store or use it somehow. This worked great, except the collaged papers really curled when dry. I turned them upside down, misted them with water, and left them overnight with a heavy box on top. The next morning they were nice and flat and ready for the kids to paint their snowpeople.

  5. Hi Phyl,

    I always feel like I'm tempting fate if I do Snowmen projects! Ha! These are really cute! I especially like the one on the left-It looks like two Snowmen that were overserved at the "SnowBar"!LOL We still don't have any snow here in Omaha but it has gotten markedly colder. I saw "War Horse" tonight-SO GOOD! Don't listen to the reviewers-They just like to bag on Steven Spielberg cuz they don't have his talent! Go see it!


  6. We've done several snowpeople projects but have only had MAYBE a couple inches total since the season started. I would like enough to make things pretty at least once. It's in the 60s again today. Went outside to play and saw that my spring flowers are getting confused and starting to come up.

    1. Katie, We have barely had snow too, and it's downright depressing. But it IS winter - it was below zero the last 2 nights, and both yesterday and today have been single-digit temperature outside. Brrr. Finally time to wear my big coat and warmest, fuzziest scarves and gloves. Love the seater heater in my car!
      Did you know that if you walk into a warm building (from being out in the cold) backwards supposedly it keeps your glasses from fogging up? I keep meaning to try it except I'm a klutz and I tend to bump into things when I walk backwards.

    2. Hmmm Don't know why my comment is showing up with a brilliant golden yellow background. What did I do to have this happen? A bit of blogger strangeness I guess. Do you see the yellow too?

  7. Whoa! I'll have to try the glasses trick. I've only had glasses for a few years so I'm still not totally used to them. Yes, I can see the gold background. It shows that you replied directly to me instead of just leaving another comment. I wonder if that is a new thing on Blogger... did you change any settings? It's kinda handy.