Monday, April 2, 2012

Cave paintings DONE

Well. The hunks of cave 'rock' are dry and painted. We used a combination of school acrylics, and charcoal. The caves are closed up for another year, the flashlights are turned off, and the students are ready to return to the 21st century.

Today, the students each made a 'signature' with their hand on a large sheet of brown Kraft paper, either by stamping it, or sponging around it for a stenciled look.

The hand-printed Kraft paper was used as the background for the bulletin board. Here it is, all together!


  1. I love the added hand print signatures in the background!

  2. thanks - I must admit, in previous years I think some of the cave paintings have been better, but I think painting in the dark caves, along with the fact that my 4th graders, who have been a favorite group of kids since 2nd grade, now seem REALLY distracted and full of themselves. As a result, they are a little harder to love, and also don't seem to listen to direction as well as they used to. Hopefully it is just spring fever and the start of baseball season, and the school musical, and the bright sun outside, and soon it will fall into place and they'll get back to being the delightful bright enthusiastic kids they have always been (until now...)

  3. love them! what a great lesson!!!

  4. Hey, Pat.......I posted a link to this cool bulletin board and lesson on my bulletin board blog. Hope that's okay. jan