Friday, April 27, 2012

A little high school talent

As I've told you before, we are a Pre-K through 12 school. So today when I left school I stopped by and visited the high school art teacher. These oil paintings were on display outside her room. The two paintings above are by Megan. The 'lips' painting is small, maybe 9" x 14", and the portraits I think are all 18" x 24".

The paintings below are Johna (left) and Dakota (right). These paintings, and Megan's above, are all self-portraits, in homage to the work of Chuck Close.

Since these lovely gals are all my former students, I'm proud to be able to share their work with you.


  1. It must be really great, Phyl, to track your former students work as they grow up and graduate. That's the cool thing about a K-12 building, huh? Beautiful work!

  2. So cool! I just started a post on a Chuck Close inspired project we do, too. These are beautiful!

  3. Totally Beautiful! I just got done with Chuck Close with grades 7 and 8 in colored pencil 8x10- these high school students talents are off the charts!