Thursday, April 12, 2012

A walk from NY to Vermont and back again!

(oops I didn't know the camera's date stamp was turned on)
Today my husband and I took a little road trip, to see the new bridge that spans a narrow section of Lake Champlain, connecting NY and Vermont. We drove north along the shore past the northern tip of Lake George, where it overlaps the southern tip of Lake Champlain. We didn't know there was a walkway on the bridge until we got there! So we took advantage and parked the car and walked to Vermont. It was brisk and sunny in Vermont, with beautiful clouds everywhere. The clouds were thicker on the NY side and it looked like maybe it was raining.

Below is NY on the left photo, Vermont on the right.

That's my hubby below, and that's me on the bridge in the middle.

After walking the bridge, we returned to our car and then drove over the bridge to Vermont. Then we drove south through Vermont, with a stop in Middlebury for lunch, and eventually came back to NY past the southern end of Lake George. Nice day!


  1. We lived in Vermont during middle school. We crossed Lake Champlain many times to visit New York. Thanks for the fond memories this post unearthed for me!

  2. That's awesome!! Looks like a beautiful day.

  3. I think you should persue photography with all of your new freedom when you retire, Phyl. You take thought provoking photos, especially the last one of the sun through the clouds. Simply lovely.

    1. Pat, thanks. Back in my college days, I had a concentration in photography, and for my first 8 years teaching I taught high school, including a photo class. It was my baby; I LOVED teaching photo. But then my job was cut and I moved on, and lost access to a darkroom. And now of course, silver photography is sort of obsolete (sadly) and I'm a novice at the digital stuff. And while I always had a 'good' camera during my 35mm days, now I have a Canon PowerShot, and while it 'takes good pictures' it is basically a point and shoot. My son however has a Nikon digital SLR, that we got him for 21st birthday/trip to Africa/Dean's list/etc. Would love to justify a purchase like this for myself but first on my list is an iPad. But I do still love photography.

      As for the cloud photo - it was actually shot through the window of a moving car (thankfully my husband was driving)!