Friday, April 6, 2012

Fancy Hats for Kindergarten!

Making these silly "spring hats" (you may call them Easter bonnets; little old Jewish me remains politically correct and non-denominational while teaching) is always our final kindergarten art lesson before spring (Easter/Passover) vacation. Paper plates, colored paper tape, and some quick instructions, and away we go!

They look pretty glamorous, don't they?!

You may wonder at the small group of kids in the first photo. Our kindergarten is the smallest grade in our (small) school district. And then several kids from one class have moved away during the year, leaving one teacher with a class of just 10 (!!!) kids. Four of them apparently were sick or already on vacation yesterday! The other class is small too, with just 12 kids. This is a scary omen when you think of staffing in the years to come.

Have a good holiday, whatever you celebrate!


  1. Kids do love putting silly hats on their heads don't they:)

    1. Janis, actually I was wearing one too - the kids thought I looked glamorous - but when I saw the photos I decided it was NOT in my best interest to have anyone out there in cyberspace see them. I was definitely not looking my best, and besides I think I had enough photos of me in silly hats already, from the NAEA convention.