Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here Comes the Sun... 2nd graders & Laurel Burch

My 2nd graders looked at the "Celestial Dreams" designs of the fabulous Laurel Burch.
Here are a couple of samples of her artwork that I shared:

The kids said my window-shade (pic below) reminded them of Laurel Burch's suns. Thanks, kids!

The kids drew on 18" square paper, each incorporating some sort of frame into their design. Some drew suns and moons in a split design; others did just suns. They painted solid areas of color with bright pre-mixed tempera colors, mimicking the colors of Laurel Burch. Then they used oil pastels to add pattern, outline, and extra details. I'm so proud of their exuberant work!

Here's a couple of bulletin boards full of them. So cheerful!


  1. Great job on the celestial designs. It's nice to see a Laurel Burch project beyond just the cat idea (which I still love!)

  2. Amazing!! What great work from 2nd graders!! I especially love the strong colors:)))

  3. I love the colors too. I just did suns with 1st graders and never thought to incorporate Laurel Burch (noted for the future).

  4. Fantastic!! Love the colors and the borders.What a nice change from Laurel Burch cats.I'd love to "borrow" this sometime.

  5. I really LOVE these! The sun and moon are two of my favorite things!(next to dragonflies!)