Sunday, October 3, 2010

another fundraiser project

Artwork for our PTSA fundraiser must be something that can be finished quickly, that is colorful, and that can be successful at some level for every child. It's always a challenge to find something that works.

This year's 5th graders are an enthusiastic and engergetic group, but many of them have a challenge focusing on craftsmanship. So we painted colorful skies, and then did an ink silhouette on top of it. They did not all choose trees and moons as subject matter, but these are the ones I managed to snap photos of. There are also underwater scenes, jumping dolphins, downhill skiers and snowboarders, howling wolves, and more, many which I would consider too formulaic if they weren't for the fundraiser. Their mothers will love them and want to buy them, and that's the point here - to help the PTSA raise money.
By the way - I shot this somewhat out-of-focus photo out of a (moving) car window. I wanted to note that, for those who say that the "right way" to draw clouds is to make them white, that these clouds are a peachy-rose and a denim blue-grey. Not a white cloud among 'em.


  1. Those are the only kind of clouds I stop the car to take pictures of!!! I have so many cloud pictures now what to do with them all? I love silhouttes they always stand out in a crowd!

  2. How does your PTA use the art as a fundraiser? Our parent group has never tried something like that.

  3. The company is called Original Works Yours (OWY) and there's another similar company called Square 1 Art. I think the product quality for OWY is excellent. The kids all complete artwork - the company provides the paper, which is relatively small. OWY then makes a refrigerator magnet from each work of art and the magnets are returned to the parents with an order form. They can order more magnets, or greeting cards, T-shirts, aprons, nightlights, mousepads, calendars, mugs, and more, all with the child's art on it. It is so much better than selling chocolates we shouldn't eat, candles nobody wants, and expensive wrapping paper. I always tell them that I have my son's 1st and 2nd grade magnets on my fridge, and he's 21 years old - a senior in college! They are great keepsakes, worth the time we spend. The PTSA in my school then subsidizes the cost of professionally matting and framing artwork for our growing permanent student art "gallery" in the school. Fabulous!

  4. Phyl,
    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I will pass this information on to the "powers that be" at my school. They might be interested. Also, thanks for sharing the trip photos -- made me a little envious!!

  5. I assume you mean my kayak/Loon Lake photos? This is the cool thing - it's not a trip at all; it's only a 1/2 hour from my home, and 5 minutes from the school where I teach, so it's easily accessible. The term "camp" I think is an Adirondack term; that's what we tend to call a seasonal getaway place. Ours is right on the sweet little lake, but many Adirondack camps are hunting camps, as that is a big thing around here (though not for my family). We recently installed a well, so our camp will be more easily used during the winter months. Up till now, my last stay at the camp for the year has usually been Thanksgiving.