Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Art Room Religion

In the beginning, the universe was blank paper. And some kindergartners. And the paint was black.

On the first day, the art teacher provideth the kindergartners with the black paint and the blank paper, and creation began. And the K's created lines - zigzags, curls, waves, straight and dotted lines. And the K's looked upon their lines and were pleased.

On the second day, the art teacher provided the K's with hues of red, yellow, and blue. And the K's painted, and washed, wiped, and washed their brushes some more. And they looked upon their creations and found they were good.

And in the 25th minute of the second day, a paintbrush was dipped accidentally in both the red and the blue without washing. And then there was purple. And the K's looked with awe upon the purple creation, and other brushes were double-dipped as well. And ochre, and brown, and green were created, and the universe filled with color. And the art teacher and the K's looked upon the colors and were pleased. And there was joy upon all their faces, and happiness in the art room. And the K's sponged the tables and the art room sparkled. And it was good.

On the third day, the art teacher stapled the colorful creations on the bulletin board and looked upon the colorful universe and found it complete.

And passersby looked with awe upon all that had been created. And saw that it was good.

And on the 3rd night, the art teacher rested, and checked email, and watched Survivor, and blogged. And it was good.

My thanks to for the origins of this lesson idea, and my apologies to the Old Testament.


  1. This was a lovely way to end my day. Thank you!!

  2. How awesome is that ?!! What a cute post and the color mixing looks like great fun for those little 5 and 6 year olds. I enjoyed it.

  3. Oh, I like the group display. Quite a statement. I enjoy your posts!

  4. Sometimes the simplest activities are the most memorable. Glad you all enjoyed this!

  5. Hi Phyl

    Thanks for your answer to my pottery question. I am never sure of protocol for commenting on comments, but I thought I would pop on over to your blog to post my reply rather than reply on my own as I really liked this post and am planning to try it with my children. Thank you.

    Your comments were very helpful. I will stick with the pinch pots and will have the children explore with the clay and then make the diyas the week before Diwali.

    Thanks for your lovely comments btw. I love your blog and check it out with every new post and get loads of great ideas - so thank you. :)