Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Would of, should have, could have....

A week ago, the tree colors were vibrant reds and brilliant oranges, but they've been changing to amber, ochre, rust, burgundy, and olive. In the past week, the weather has dipped below freezing at night and the air has been quite chilly during the day too. So last weekend we walked the beach at Lake George in the fresh crisp air.

But - did someone say GLOBAL WARMING??! The last two days have been in the 70's! Very weird. Yesterday I had a meeeting after school, but today I stayed in school and hung up artwork.
This is the view out my classroom window (the stone covered part is a roof area) just before I left this afternoon. When I walked out of school a little after 5pm, I had my "would of, should of , could of" moment. My camp is only 5 minutes away, and if I had thought ahead, I could have been there at 3:30, and had a couple of hours with my kayak on the lake. Tomorrow's weather forecast isn't so good. I blew it!


  1. Me too! I spent the whole day inside the District Office writing curriculum with other art teachers. While it was productive, I went outside at 3:30 and it was gorgeous! My son had karate so I knew we wouldn't have time to play outside before then and by the time karate was over, it was dark! BLAH! Missed it!

  2. Yes, GLOBAL WARMING indeed! Here in Texas it still in the upper 80's and lower 90's!!! Most kids are still wearing shorts to school. Today feels a bit more like fall. It's about 65. (Which is fall to us!) I have been doing a fall lesson with 2nd grade and it's hard to talk about the warm colors of fall leaves when ours' are still green!

  3. I love your roof! You could have a roof garden (you'd have to crawl out a window and get some crazy approvals. . . or better yet garden sculptures out there! I want one.

  4. Ha ha... It gets so much hot sunshine that I have to pull my blinds so my room isn't too hot. I've joked that I'd like to put a lawn chair out there and bring out the suntan lotion, but I've been told I'm not allowed to go out there. :-(