Monday, October 4, 2010

fundraiser again! 1st grade family portraits

It's been a challenge getting these completed. The backgrounds were going to be painted with watercolors, but today's fire prevention assembly really set us back. One class missed art completely, and another was shortened, and the third came right from the assembly and were wound to the max. So we decided to stick to crayons, and even with that change, we're still not done.

My goal was to keep the family portraits fresh and childlike. We haven't done a model-drawing session yet, so it was up to the kids to decide how to draw the people in their families. The results charm me so much that I had to share them even though they aren't all complete.


  1. I'm so excited for the Robbins family! They are so lucky. I hope they frame it! These are all fabulous. I will have to talk about families and make families portraits too because they are so adorable. I'm impressed with all the detail and bodies that the kids are starting to notice. Fantastic. This will be a fun group to teach model drawing to. I hope you post those too so we can see how much they grow!

  2. Phyl and quick way to get some extra colour is to spray them with bright coloured food dye especially if you have used crayon-.
    Dont you just hate when they throw in unscheduled fire drills etc - I try to reschedule the classes as much as possible to have least interruptions.

  3. Our fire alarm has been broken for two weeks. It has been going off a couple of times a week, during the food fair we made, in the rain. It's like crying wolf. . . we all don't take it seriously anymore!!! It does put a hitch in lesson plans!

  4. Our fire drills are a long process. When our building was designed, there were all sorts of hoops to jump through because we are in The Adirondack Park, and we had to abide by special regulations. Every time it rained it seemed there was a new wetland discovered. So our fire drills take us down the stairs, down the halls, across and through a long parking lot, and over a bridge. It's a 1/2 hour before we're back in the room. Kiss the class goodbye!

  5. Oh I like the family idea. That is really cute! I may use that one next year! Thanks!