Friday, May 27, 2011


2nd graders learned about Wayne Thiebaud and then painted these fabulous cakes with tempera.

It was pretty challenging - we outlined with contrasting colors for "halation" and even though they were a small 9x12" size, we still hadn't gotten to painting backgrounds. As a matter of fact some kids were struggling to complete painting their fancy cakes during their art time.

So in the end, I said NO MORE PAINT and we cut them out and glued them on colored paper, which got decorated with an assortment of colored pencils, gel markers, and more. Any unpainted cake got completed with these materials as well, and the kids were happy. So they turned out pretty cool after all! YUM!

Here's (almost) the whole bulletin board:


  1. these are beautiful! so fun...and you know what the kids learned a lot in one lesson, drawing cylinders, proper painting techniques, reinforce cutting skills; what a great lesson =o)

  2. Way to go SECOND GRADE! Very mature second graders. . . my third graders found it challenging to make that cylinder and piece cut out. The backgrounds were a blessing in disguise they really pull the display together.

  3. I'm doing a linky party with bulletin board ideas. I would love for you to add this post!

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