Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gifts from the heart

I love this! Yesterday I was surprised with this gift: eight sheets of notebook paper, all taped together, and delivered to me with pride by a sweet 2nd grade girl! Thank you!
And today, a 4th grade boy gave me this marvelous sweet drawing. Love it!

But while I'm here posting this - something else. Tonight blogger says that I am not currently following any blogs. My dashboard is EMPTY. I want to see what you are all up to and this is driving me NUTS! I know it has happened before, and eventually it will fix itself, but in the meantime I'm going through bloggie withdrawal. UGH!


  1. That happened to me the other night, too. I remembered that you had had that experience and I didn't freak out (too much) -- just signed out and signed back in again and all was OK. It did sort of give me pause when I thought about what would be involved to recreate it all!!!!

  2. Oh, such lovely gifts!
    When I got back form maternity leave my class had scribbled all kinds of welcome back drawings and words on the blackboard! It feels so ood to be appreciated!

    Ilse @