Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Comic #14

Why am I posting a comic strip about substitute teachers?

I currently have a sub. I have been out of school since last Wednesday, and expect to return on June 8th. I know many of you will be done with school by then, but not me. Our last day here is June 24th, so I won't be missing the end of the school year. Don't worry, it's nothing serious, but I had a minor surgical procedure on Wednesday that had been put off for some time, and I'm happy to have it behind me. I'm recuperating well, my husband and son (who, after graduating college, is home briefly before moving to Boston in search of a job) have been taking good care of me, and I am looking forward to getting back to work in a little more than a week .

Last Tuesday, I stayed in school long after everyone else was gone (except the custodians) - actually until almost 8pm, putting the finishing touches on two weeks of sub plans, cutting paper, organizing materials, and generally cleaning up. Oh, and taking a bunch of photos around the art room so I'd have stuff to post while I'm out. You've already seen some of them in the last couple of posts, and I still have more left. So keep checking back, OK?! Even if your school year is already over!


  1. Glad to hear that the procedure is behind you and all is well. Hope you heal fast and are back in full action real soon!!

  2. Did you know your sub?? What kind of projects do you leave for that long of an outage??

  3. Good to hear you're ok and still going to post (I love to read your blog)

    Subs can be great and bring new ideas, but they can mess things up too ...

    When I returned from maternity leave some of the children were scared to show me their work, scared I wouldn't like it ...

    That is so sad :(
    She also used the whole paint supply (and there was a big supply) so I couldn't do the planned Hundertwasser-bottle project.

    I'm so happy that I'm back and that the children can show their work proudly again!

  4. Feel better phyl! We know you must be under the weather if you are not at school...glad you have your family around you to love and care for you.