Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Art Show - Fabulous Papier-Mache Masks, grade 3

I've previously blogged about building these masks, here: but I never showed them to you all papier-mached, painted, embellished, and complete!

So here they are, hanging at our art show. I think they're pretty cool! By the way, another blogger mentioned that this art show was pretty late in the year. Not really - remember, we're in school here in NY state until June 24th - so there's still over a month to go, and I still have lots to post. So even if you are done or almost done, please check back over the coming weeks!

Now here's more masks:

And more......

And still more....

More art show, coming soon...


  1. Such personality!! Made me smile:)

  2. Those are wonderful! I love how each one is completely different.

  3. Wow, they are really fantastic! And June 24th, wow!

  4. Such great variety - and craftsmanship! Love these.