Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monochromatic sign language contours

Fifth graders have been doing contour drawings, including hands, so I thought I'd try some sign language drawings. The only problem is that the signs are done with the right hand, and most of the kids are right-handed, so they couldn't draw their own hand posing. I tried having them pose their hands for each other, but everyone was anxious to draw. So I printed out copies of the hand signs, and the kids worked from them instead. When the hands were done (w/black Sharpies), the kids cut them out and glued them on a 12" square of construction paper of their choice.

Then, they filled the papers with their initials, using a monochromatic color scheme. They used markers, crayons, and colored pencils for this. I think they did an excellent job!


  1. LOVE this! We did something similar in 7th grade this year. Hopefully after our show next week I can get back to blogging and post some pictures of our hand designs. I will keep the sign language idea in mind for next year. thanks for posting!

  2. These are wonderful! Can I ask how long they took to accomplish? I am the HS art teacher at my school, but now will be going to the elementary to teach one period every day. Each grade will get one 40 minute period of art once a week for nine weeks, so I am looking for lessons to get "the most bang for my buck." Many of my old lessons took multiple periods to complete. Any suggestions?

  3. Marianne, some were real quick - got the contours done in one class, then cut and glued them and did the background in the next class. Some kids honestly took painfully long. Oh, plus we also had a couple of art classes of contour practice prior to the hands, and we had also talked about color a bit so they knew what I meant by monochromatic.

    I also have 40 minute classes, but we meet 2 times during a 6 day cycle, and also have time for kids who want to come in during lunch a couple of times a week. I find it near impossible to finish anything in just one art class, except for the youngest kids. Good luck!!