Sunday, May 29, 2011

More sweet desserts!

This is the last of the Wayne Thiebaud projects. Third graders drew the dessert of their choice with oil pastels, and painted over with watercolors. Simple and quick.

And here's a while batch of them hanging up.


  1. I've never tried a resist with oil pastels before, just crayons. I should give it a shot, these look great! (And I love Wayne Thiebaud!)

  2. Actually oil pastels work even better, I think, unless you are looking for fine detail. Sometimes it's hard to get kids to press hard enough with crayons, but it's rarely a problem with oil pastels. Glad you like these!

  3. My third graders just finished Wayne Thiebaud projects, but we created batiks using tempera paint (a technique I learned from Art is Messy). I love introducing his work to students, and they are always happy to create the most elaborately decorated cakes!