Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time for the annual 1st grade lilac paintings!

I brought in lilacs and put a batch in a vase on each table. The kids took a good look, and then drew the vase, the stems, the leaves, a table, etc. I mixed up several different lilac paints to put on each table, and the kids used long-handled Q-Tips to paint the flowers.

Turn your head sideways for the last paintings. I don't know why Blogger insisted on rotating these 2 images below!


  1. Lilacs came and went weeks ago:( They are my favorite flowers there was so much rain though it shortened their season. I would love it if Stella brought home a lilac painting!!! Nice project too for the shorter attention spans that come with summer.

  2. Amazing! The smell of lilacs is one of my favorite memories of childhood. These little interpretations of spring are so precious.